Spoken Prayer // I am Now

New youtube series, launching Spoken Prayer. After many years of starting and working on Spoken Hope, I found that I kept being drawn back to the prayers that would be written. Now feeling a desire to share these prayers I present Spoken Prayer.

With the feelings of needing to live in the now to stop making regrets, so that one can focus on the moment at hand, I have written “I am now” as a reminder to live in the moment, that is to thinking with clarity and focus and intention in the moment. It is not a call to live carelessly, but yet the opposite, to stop living carelessly. It is not a token to excuse undirected passion, or spur on immature behavior, but rather a call, a reminder, to just think about now, the moment. To truly ask are the actions, behaviors, thoughts, and choices I am making now, are they my true honest self? Am I acting out of selfishness, or am I lying to myself, and trying to grab at something that is illusive?

In the pursuit of trying to get in touch with one’s feelings and to describe with all certainty what in fact is true and honest, and really taking the time to evaluate one’s life, it is good, I have found to have reminders, amongst the busiest of days, that even when life does not go the way you plan, how true, that you can yield to a greater plan that is not yet understood, but its existence can be known to you now. Many blessings from God to you on your journey, where ever you are in life.


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