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Onitod – These Paths Are Holy [ Album: Only With God ]

These Paths Are Holy, is a classic EDM ( Electronic Dance Music ) selection, that is full of beautiful vintage and analog sounds, that paint a picture in your ears.

This track focuses more on analog modular synths. The sounds come to form an ethereal atmosphere which is enhanced by the eccentric use of sounds.  The variety of tones, and overtones, creates a complex mood, which is shifted by time and space.

The mysteriousness of God, is an illusion. As God’s most greatest desire is to save, and know all of mankind. Yet as we are given free-will, a value is created on the distance placed between our choices, and the holy place that the Lord stands. The choice to desire to become self-controlled, gentle, peaceful, kind, noble, and loving, is a course that sets you on a holy path itself.

When your desire is to seek the Lord, and to know Him, you find that the paths that seemed once unattainable, are filled with grace and love, to help you walk them. In fact, you even get help, and encouragement to walk more closely with God, by other believers, and also by God Himself.

To choose to go down this path, or continue, is a desire which must be enabled with intention. For without intention to commit to the desire, the desire is soon lost. Many times we say we will do something, and then loose commitment, for we had no intention to commit in the first place.

Therefore, we must first choose in our minds, and again in our hearts, to agree that this choice, the intention to commit to this desire, will in fact be what is good for us. For each of us individually. Some in their minds, not being able to come to a place of understanding, have not ever been able to achieve that level of understanding, and therefore, have not been able to see the benefits of this choice or decision.

Friend, I encourage you, that if it is in your heart to walk with God, and to know Him face to face, to know and hear from Him intimately, then I am saying to you, that it is not only possible, but a reality. If you would be willing to make changes in yourself, to fill and correct any gaps that you might have in your understanding, then you will be able to freely come to God, in a way in which you would find it hard to believe now.

Friend, I can tell you, that to walk with God is mainly a change to a perception in your mind, for you have already been walking with God, even for a long time, and yet you have not been able to identify that as God. You have been lead, and even directed, but you have not know by whom it is sourced. Friend, if you have been looking for God, I ask you to now, just accept that you have indeed found God. Accept in your heart, that you receive this, and you shall come to know a great deal more of who God is.

May you never see God as unreachable in this day and age, but see God as accessible, as a direct resource, and connection, that you are able to harness from, and bind with, to become much greater, than you could possibly become alone. Be well, and take care my friend.

I have put together some preview tracks. I am about to publish 16 albums, from content that was created between 1997-2014. For the next batch of music tracks, they will feature PREVIEW on the splash screen, and so that means that this track, is one song of an album-in-progress. The track may or may not be in its final mastered form. During this preview promotion, you will get to hear a good many different styles that I produced over the years, and will get a feeling for what is coming down the pipe. All the songs are copyrighted their original content year, and the albums will be formally published in 2015. Once published I will update links on the videos to the iTunes and Amazon, and other places that they music will be available. If you would like to use the music for commercial purposes, you can contact me, and we can talk about your needs and find something that works.