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The album Eulogy, is an electronic album, with elements of EDM, and the titles of the tracks are centered around thinking about the legacy you will leave when you die, what you will be remembered for.

Onitod – Good Character [ Album: Eulogy ]

Good Character, is a combination of multiple attributes that a person can attain, if one is willing to persevere.

This track, came from a journey or perseverance, as the tracks that I was writing months before did not come together as I had wished. Then in a spurt of 3 weeks, some of the best music I had written at the time suddenly emerged.

We are called to be in a state of readiness. Ready in season, and out of season. It does not mean to be working all the time, or obsessed with one thing or another, but it does mean to be willing to take action, and be ready to apply the knowledge you have already attained.

There are generally two calls in life about application. One is that you have to learn it on the fly, in the moment of things, and the other is that you learn it one day at a time, and later on it life you apply what you have gradually learned.

The applying at the time of learning, can often be filled with stress, and lead to corruption of character, where by our willingness to stay in good means, suddenly eludes us as we spiral into a panic of stress and disorder. Therefore, it is much better to be in a place, where you do not worry yourself with not being able to use the information and knowledge that you have attained. Instead wait for the day, and behold it will come, as you press on, that you will get to use all that you have worked hard and diligently to acquire.

The one who approaches life, in a more reasonably calm manner, is one who is headed to keep in good character, when trouble, strife, crisis or disorder appear. In those times, the one who has pursued good character will be able to take wise advise and apply it, listen to it, adhere to it, and realize and know it is wise counsel.

This video is a June bug, that was on my doorstep one night, and I took a video, because the june bug knows if it keeps trying, it will eventually flip itself over. The amount of preseverance that this tiny bug has, to me, is quite amazing. I think in life, that is a good lesson to learn, that even when things look upside down, if you keep at it, things eventually turn up, and eventually if you keep trying, you can get back on your feet.

Onitod – Serves God [ Album: Eulogy ]

Serves God, is a hard-edged EDM song, built on the TR-909, Juno-6, and MKS-80, with Juno-106. The piano is a custom preset from a Kawai K11. Also featured is a JD-800, and EMU Ultraproteus.

This song to me, is mysterious. Sometimes that is exactly how I view Serving God. It can be quite the mystery. Some days, I feel like I know what is going on, and other days I am blinding walking a path, and asking am I doing the right thing.

A spiritual journey, is one that involves asking many questions, about what is going on, in life, and in yourself. It is a process, a journey, that is filled with a long quest.

Uncertainty is a form in which can cause fear, or eagerness to learn. I employ you to choose to engage in the learning avenue, rather than fear.

The title, Serving God is on this album, as this album is a collection of what I would like my life to be about. While you are in a good position in life, it is best to consider where you might want your life to end up, so that you can start preparing it to land in that place. Many people in the world, are surprised to find that things do not go as they wish, and in many cases, they wind up in a place, that was not of their choosing. The only way to reasonably live a life of your choosing, is to plan out what you most want to do, and then look for ways, in which you may be able to achieve it. Many people who have applied this method, have been able to accomplish that which they set out to do.

Enjoy this show, while you listen to the music. Serves God is a reminder to me, to try and live a godly life. I hope as you listen to this song, that you strive for that as well. The album name, Eulogy, is thinking about what you would like to be remembered for when you pass away, how you want to inspire people when you are no longer alive. My grandfather and great-grandfather served God, just like Joshua, and that is what I want to follow, to be like who they were, and do what they did, to live rightly, and serve God.

Onitod – Terms of Realization [ Album: Eulogy ]

Terms of Realization is a pop/edm piece, which features a bass grove, with strings. An arpeggio carries the melody through. While a industrial guitar adds some percussive elements and drive.

This song, is instrumental, but reflects on the idea of becoming self-aware about your life, and what kind of legacy, or impact you want to leave, or how you might like to leave the world. Its about coming to terms with death, and the multiple ways of dealing with it, and deciding to make the best of what you have now, and what you have left, living with an end in mind.

Terms of realization might best be through of as the journey to becoming more aware of yourself now, so that you have a chance to change who you become. It is about freedom to choose now, coming to those choices now, sooner than later. It is about coming to those terms of where you are in life now, and choosing to deal with them, most hopefully for a better outcome, one that you can even influence.

Onitod – Trustworthy [ Album: Eulogy ]

Trustworthy, is an electronic analog composition, which was composed using many of the loved and popular vintage synths. It features tr-909, juno-106, juno-60, juno-6, mks10, mks30, mks50, mks70, mks80, emu ultraproteus, emu morpheus, tr-707, tr-626, kawai k11, and more.

Trustworthy, was one of my character traits, that I wanted to be remembered by. As Eulogy was an album, of things to be remembered by, so the song tracks contain all of those traits, that I wanted to have prominently in my life, and as a result, have aligned my life to posses those traits, and head in that direction.

Its important to remember, that when you discover in life that you want to make a change in direction, that you do so step by step. You can only change so much a day, sometimes only one habit at a time. As you go, you build up one trait, or habit, one by one, and soon afterwards, you have made great changes in your life.

Onitod – Righteous [ Album: Eulogy ]

This track, which is posted on Youtube, combines Electronic EDM elements, with vintage synth sounds, and melodic tones.

Eulogy, is an album which centers around thinking about one’s legacy, and how to prepare for death, by living now. In being reminded about what a Eulogy might say about you, you have option now, while you are still alive to change your future, and what you will be remembered for.

Onitod has been writing music since 1992, and albums released since 2007. During the years 1998-2008 Onitod sequenced 800 songs, and recorded well over 300 of them.