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Looking for the Sunshine, is an album which was designed to spread hope. It contains some inspiring themes, and EDM, and electronic music.

Onitod – The Rain Will Come and Go [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

The Rain Will Come and Go, is a driving electronic track, heavy on the EDM. It uses a variety of vintage sounds to sooth and satisfy the soul. This pieces is more AB oriented, and switches back between its two themes, revolving certain parts The sounds are laced from sound sources such as the Roland TR-909, MKS-50, MKS-80, Juno-106, Juno-6, Juno-2, JV-880, Kawai K11, and many others.

This title is about understanding, that no matter who you are, poor or rich, no matter wealth, skin color, where you live in the world, how tall or short, or skinny overweight, no matter what, every one in the world goes through and has to deal with problems. Problems, challenges, and struggles are a part of human life, but we can choose how to handle and deal with those issues. We can choose to overcome them, or be overwhelmed by them.

I choose the title, because many difficulties are temporary. We may think that they last for a long time, but they are here, and then gone tomorrow. Many difficulties are not worth the time and emotion that we give them, they are not worth the effort or attention that we set aside for them. May you remember as you  go through life, no matter what you are facing, depression, sadness, hopelessness, despair, anxiety, worry, fear, panic, hesitation, self-confidence, or self-esteem, discouragement, anger, frustration, those only last so long, and then they are gone. So remember that you are free to find the positive, free to enjoy your life, free to seek better outcomes, free to seek protection and guidance from God. Just like the rain, troubles come and go.

This album is about waiting for the lull to be over. Waiting for the sun to come out again. Waiting for the break is life, for things to be less busy. For things to be more calm. Though, when that time comes, enjoy the quiet, enjoy the calm, for things get busy sooner or later.

Onitod – Relentless [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Relentless is fueled by a driving pumping Juno-6, that is pulsating with perseverance. Combing a number of vintage synth sounds in an EDM style, this track keeps moving along. Featuring Roland TR-909, K11, MC-303, KS4, MKS-50, Emu UltraProteus, JV-880, JD-800, JD-990, U-110, Sh-101, Juno-106, and other classics. At 2:34 the style changes, and the song is revived, with a driving second rhythm.

Relentless, is a theme for looking past all your current troubles, and seeing new possibility on the horizon. It is focused on what is next, and striving to attain, and move to that which is next, when the now is filled with depression and frustration.

Things can be different, for those who choose to see another ray of light, there will be another ray of light to find. Awakening to realization of other choices, and other opportunities is the initial step to this new way, this new light. For those who believe in better outcomes, believe relentlessly with a sort of obsession, that a brighter, better future is possible, and then you will see things come together, that will bring about that, which you have been seeking.

This album focused on the struggles with depression, and was aimed to be a hope, to those who are struggling through. The title equates to looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, or the notion that some who are depressed feel less so when they see the sunshine, so they look for the sunshine.

Onitod – Settling Thoughts [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Settling Thoughts, embraces a chill track in an easy to listen electronic arrangement. Complete with Emu Proteus, JV-880, TR-909, TR-707, JD-800, JD-990, MKS-50, Juno-106, Juno-2, Juno-1, TR-626.

Softly pulsating, in the background, let your mind be put to ease. The song slowly progresses, into stress and destress, overcoming the odds, with a steady and powerful groove, that unlock the mind, and allow the mind to settle, and change course. The sounds bring for plasticity of the mind, with winds of liquified change to come and heal you anew.

To change the tide, in your life, or decide on a new direction in life, settle your mind, and let the sounds sooth your soul. Lean into your inner thoughts, and let them fade away like pillows, pushing through the clarity of disorder, and see a new light, and a new opportunity, that enlightens your soul, and brings life to your mind and body. Let the groove gather your heart, and soul, and plunge into a bliss of stress-reduction, and you find your way, and align your thoughts.

Enjoy this video of driving down Mount Scott, in Oklahoma, looking out the window. Put your mind at ease, and let your thoughts settle, as you take a break in your busy day.

Onitod – On A Quest [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

On A Quest, is filled with the vintage vibe, Roland TR-707, TR-909, MKS-50, Juno-106, EMU Proteus, and Morpheus, Roland Juno-6, Juno-2, Siel, JD-990, JD-800, JV-880. This song morphs between two themes. The wanderer on a journey, looking and checking down the paths, exploring the surrounds, finding that they change as they move on. The end of the song wraps around to the beginning to complete the course, but it ends in a diffusion of sound.

Many time we are on a quest, one that turns out differently than expected. Many times the coping methods that we use to survive, are not what bring us the happiness and joy, we had once searched for. Sometimes the choices we make, take us away from where we want to go. Hope is always possible, and it is always around the corner. That corner may look cloudy, or seem distant, but trust in the Lord, and hold the course, for resolution.

Looking for the sunshine, is all about a journey, all about realizing your role in this life, and that you make choices, and you can grow in which ever direction you feed your choices. This video illustrates, how I climbed a tree, and then climbed down, because I saw something more precious at the base. Acheivement, can lead to disillusioned success, and a life less fully lived. Stay tuned for more.

Onitod – Making Sense of it All [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Making Sense of it All, is an electronic piece, featuring many old vintage analog synths, including Juno-6, juno-60, Juno-1, Juno-2, U-110, U-220, P-330, Jd-800, JD-990, TR-909, among others.

This song starts out as pure confusion, and then finds resolve. Such is life, how many times we face uncertain things, and then find resolve only much later on. Press forward, and move on, and you too shall make it through this trial. Life is filled with trials, and your trials are like mine, we all face them, but we all have the opportunity to make it through, and to pass through that will is around us, or before us.

This video is an abstract video, and it coordinates with the theme. A lot of things in life do not make too much sense, and they are difficult to sort out. Dealing the cronic issues, day in and day out, is taxing, and frustrating, and for those who go through them, they are hard burdens to get a hold of. This album reflects on those struggles, and the nature of depression, going through the cronic issues, you are always hoping that there will be a day, when it ends, when what you are dealing with stops being an issue. Keep hoping, and keep looking for the sunshine, or things in your life, that you have to look forward to, and adopt a plan to be grateful for those things which you do have, and appreciate what is good in your life, that helps make it better, and can sustain your life through some long and unknown passageways.

Onitod – Reconnecting [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Reconnecting, is an electronic song, that is full of lush and rich tones from analog vintage synths. It was also recorded to sound from its own era, to preserve the old analog character it was recorded on high quality preamps, from a SoundCraft LX7 mixer, and placed through DA-88s, and other high-quality gear, to have excellent audio qualities.

Reconnecting, a track off of the depression themed album, Looking for the Sunshine, is a reminder, that once the depression passes, to reconnect with that which was once lost.

In my deepest tales, I was once at a point, where I felt very broken, and frankly, that I would never function again normal, that I had even lost my capability to love, or be loved, and that I was washed up and broken. Through a series of events, and encounters with God, I was able to rectify this frame of mind, and return to a life, where I experienced that I was not broken, and that I could be revived, and brought back to life, back to normal, back to functioning, and enjoying, and taking pleasure in the things around me.

My friends, turn arounds, are always possible, and at the point, where you believe that is possible for your life, that is the point at which you will start to see the possibility manifest before your eyes, and you yourself will change with words, that you may not even have realized or imagined in the place that you are now. If you believe you can be brought back to life, as I was, than it is certainly possible for you as well. If your desire is to experience that, then all that is needed to start that journey for you, will begin to emerge before your eyes, and then you can reconnect to the joy and happiness and pleasure, that you have not had access to all this time.

Onitod – A Swan Dances in the Rain [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

A Swan Dances in the Rain, is an exclusive melodic song, in that it focuses on themes, and rounds, much like a classical piece. The construction, is melodic, and relaxing, soothing to the soul.

The album was written with the struggle of depression in mind. For those who do struggle, it is a reminder that like a swan that dances in the rain, there is always something more fascinating that the mind can focus on, a perfect distraction, if you will, and the swan dancing in the rain, is a symbol of the beauty that is missed, and lost, when depression is allowed to run free, and trample of your enjoyment, and pleasure of living on this earth. When you find yourself pending to the side of depression, have a hint to remember all that will be lost, the beauty that will be missed, and all the joy, that has to be passed up, to stay focused on depression.

Onitod – The Sun Will Always Be Shining [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

The Sun Will Always Be Shining, is a reminder, that at any given time, we can all focus on what is great in our lives, or the positive side of things.

Thoughts can be highly destructive, or they can be highly constructive. I’ve heard the best way to pull yourself out of a slump is to behave how you would if you felt great. Lift up your arms, straighten your back, breathe nice and deep, and start filling your head with positive thoughts.

While you begin that journey, remember that the Sun will always be shining. You can always look for positive throughs, and if you think long enough, you can always find something to be grateful for.

Onitod – Awakening [ Album: Looking for the Sunshine ]

Awakening is a top track off of the album Looking for the Sunshine. This album focused on themes of depression, and the turn-around  that could happen by looking for gratitude and positive thoughts in one’s life.

Looking for the Sunshine is an album filled with electronic vintage synths, lush melodies, and a journey of rich synth textures and sounds. This track aims to lift up the shades, and bring in the light.

Whether relaxing, or looking for a way to de-stress, this track helps to sooth the soul, and bring one to a place of peace and comfort.