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The Analog Movements, is an album born from old vintage analog synths, and working with those synths to create EDM, ambient, and ethereal tracks.

Onitod – Snowflake Angel [ Album: Analog Movements ]

Snowflake Angel is a full-bodied composition, featuring, rich thick and fat pad sounds, which treat your ears to luscious textures. Featuring a Roland Sh-101, MKS-30, MKS-50, Juno-106, JX-3P, TR-909, Korg, Novation, N1R, KS4, Emu Proteus, Roland JV-880, JD-990, JD-800, MKS-80, Kawai K11.

Looking for the refreshing full featured compositions, that take your ears on a journey, and your soul to another dimension, this is the kind of audience this song was written for. Pondering, or contemplating a life decision, this track has a way of cutting through the grime of indecision, and cloudiness, and bringing forth clarity, and finalization to thoughts, ideas, creativity, and production of transmutation of thoughts and ideas.

This album was created around 1999-2001. Focuses heavily on analog keyboards. The sequences were done on a Roland MC50Mk2, and then tracked into 3 Tascam Da88 Multitrack recorders, and then mixed down on a 24 channel Soundcraft LX7, and then mastered between minidisc, and Soundforge. The primary gear was Roland Juno106, Juno1, Juno2, jx3p, mks50, mks10, mks30, mks80, mks70, tr909, tr707, tr626, mc303, sh101, Korg, Novation, Emu, and Kawai.

Onitod – Realism [ Album: Analog Movements ]

Realism is an art form, and that is what this title conveys. Working with vintage synths, and old analog gear, required patience, and timing, and learning what you could and could not do, and then practicing with the instrument to get it to perform the way you anticipated it to.

Realism is an electronic piece, that is relaxing and peaceful. It is filled with lush sounds and pads from the 70s and 80s, including Roland juno-106, juno-1, mks10, mks50, mks80, emu, k11, jv-880, jd-800, tr-909, and many more.

Realism is one of the many songs, in this album Analog Movements, that I focused on the vintage sounds, the character of the music, and the interaction of the tones themselves.

Onitod – Eternal Love [ Album: Analog Movements ]

Eternal Love, is a song about my love and passion for electronic music, and how I love to revive the sounds, of the vintage synths.

Vintage synths, were not so much just transistors and circuits, but the way they interacted, is close to how a guitarist falls in love, with the acoustics of their guitar, or of their tube amp. The synths, of the olden age, they interacted, they played, they had a feeling, a character, a way about them, and to mix those feelings are character together, you get a sense of how they were born, of the feelings the designs had, or could not have every imagined.

Eternal love, also speaks about God’s love to each one of us. If we so desired, each one of us, could have a personal and direct relationship with God, and even receive guidance, direction, and comfort, many times over in our lives. So it is for this reason as well, that I named this song Eternal Love, to remind me of that connection, that leads me and guides me.

Onitod – Between Space and Sound [ Album: Analog Movements ]

Between Space and Sound, is a deep electronic song, that is themed around the love of old vintage synths. The music is specific to use elements and old sounds to stir up the vintage era, and showcase the sounds that were available, and prominent in the 70s and 80s.

The whole album, Analog Movements, is about collections of sounds together, living in innovative and pleasant ways. The track features rich pads from the Roland Juno-106 coupled with drums from the Roland TR-909.