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This album consists of EDM, and electronic music, and the theme remind me of the Spiritual Fruit that is offered as gifts, from walking with the Holy Spirit, after accepting Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior.

Onitod – Kind [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Kind, is an aggressive full-blown, hard-hitting track. It starts off with massive energy, and keeps the pace. Filled with analog sounds, this piece is set in motion by a Roland TR-909, a Poly800, and a JD800. Various effect delays from Ibanez and Korg also played a role. Analog delay from an old Ibanez unit was key to the warbled delay, that keeps the energy constant. This track is a fraction of the original recording which was over 17 minutes long.

Kind is a character trait that is hard to achieve in this day and age, when frustration rules over self-control, and anger rages tempers on, and cuts patience and gratitude to non-existence. Kind is an essential trait to adapt, and as I journey on my way back to a loving and revived soul, I found the need to practice kindness, which also brought about the need for forgiveness, gratitude, love, gentleness, and patience, along with self-control.

Kindness is difficult to attain for any length of time, without having some ties to all of the our character traits that is lives near. In your journey, I hope that you move toward kindness.

I picked to name this song kindness, because it is about the vibrancy and strength that kindness instills. It takes, in many cases, a fair amount of patience, and temperance mixed with self-control to execute kindness.

I love the warm nature that I think about when I think about kindness, and what boldness it draws me to. I feel that in my pursuit to kindness, that I have overall moved in a better direction, not only for my life, but as a person, and as I reach out beyond myself. Blessings to you and yours.–rrAkfM

Onitod – Loving [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Loving is a track that is driven by an SH-101 lead, wrapped with EMU Audity 2000 drums, TR-909 drums, as well as a Kawai K11, Juno 106, and EMU Ultraproteus. This bold piece stirs up all the components of emotion to deliver a tasteful depiction electronic EDM piece.

Loving is a wonderful trait, that has no end to its inherent value. Love grows so many traits, and the things that come from it are priceless. Love has the ability to pull courage, boldness, strength, peace, calmness, and forgiveness, sometimes all at once.

This track, uses a sh101 as a lead, and then is accompanied by an emu audity 2000, a roland juno 106, and emu ultraproteus, a roland mks80, a roland tr909, and various other analog synths

Onitod – Good [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Good, is a laid back, strong force powerful electronic piece. It is a slow-moving, yet incredibly vivid chords and leads thrive. This track features the Roland TR-909, JD-800, MKS-80, Kawai K11, MKS-50, Juno-106, Korg AX30G, Soundcraft LX7, Tascam DA-88. This song was mastered on Logic Pro. With elements of trip-hop, EDM, and other influences, it rocks away, in an industrial hypnosis.

Good was a song that I really loved producing. The rich sounds, and epic pads, and staunch leads, just give the composition such character. I wanted to convey that Good is a strong and excellent quality to have in your life. Good demands that you act with integrity and honesty in your life, and that you try to pursue what is noble and right. While thinking of Spiritual Fruit, I realized that I wanted to setup what a good role-model would be like, and the Bible does this, by giving the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which it refers to as Spiritual Fruit. The qualities that one comes to bear, when they have been walking a spiritual life, one that follows Jesus, and abides in the vine.

This is one of the classic songs I composed with my core equipment, using the roland tr909, juno106, mks80, mks50, and kawai k11, along with a korg ax30g, mixed down on a soundcraft lx7, and tracked on a tascam da88, sequenced with a roland mks50mk2, and a jd800. I wanted to write an album with talked about spiritual fruit. Onitod was my vechicle that I used to remember God by. I find my hope and inspiration spread across the work that God did through me, and this work, allowed me to remember Him, and to learn to turn to Him. I was able to associate the songs, with actions and memories, and then I was able to recall those, and as I listened to these songs in the car, or on commutes, or while drifting off to sleep, I was reminded of God’s presence in my liife, and how He carried me, and has grow me shaped me and molded me over my years. My this song and this album be an inspiration to you, as you hear it, and listen to it.

Onitod – Grateful [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Grateful is a powerful combination of sounds. From strong leads, to powerful driving drums and melody. The track is filled with vintage gear, featuring Roland TR-909, TR-707, MKS-80, MKS-70, MKS-50, Juno-2, Juno-106, JD-800, JD-990, Kawai K11, Emu Proteus.

Amid the driving forces, there is a level of awareness of the themes direction, and reoccurring melodies, which come to remind us of the ways in that which we are grateful.

Gratefulness, is a doorway to happiness, and growth. Gratefulness says to the brain, look at all these great things, and it shows our brain, that we are attracted to the good things of this world. Health and wellness, are in many parts, the convergence of well, and healthy ideas, that cause us to pursue great amounts of those things, which produce in us wellness and healthiness. This production of goodness, wellness and healthiness, contribute to a great degree in the amount of well-being that we receive. To put it simply, we are the products of our minds. When we focus on gratefulness, we head in the direction of peace, wellness, and healthy living, and on to joyfulness and happiness.

Here is a video about a bridge, near Mount Scott in Oklahoma. There is a lake to go swimming in there, and an events house. Its a nice place to visit. The bridge is fun to walk, there are many kinds of materials around that were used to construct this place. Its a peaceful place to walk around.

Onitod – Temperant [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Temperant starts off with errie sounds, and driving string section, as it pick up speed, it picks up analog vintage snyths. Featuring the Roland TR-909, Emu Proteus, Roland JV-880, Roland JD-800, JD-990, U-110, Juno-106, Juno-2, Juno-1, MKS50, MKS100, MC-50MK2.

The song, climbs, and climbs building momentum, and finally reaching the end, and then resolving.

The word Temperant, means to be steady, to be calm. To be able to handle things, in a way which is not emotionally charged. To not be out of control, or hot-headed. Today, in many cultures we lack the ability to keep control of our own selves, and to have self-control, to be able to take a deep breath, and step back down. It is a lost art to be in control of oneself, with rush hour traffic, and speedy deadlines, life is much a busy whirlwind of activity, that many times does not afford us peace or the luxury to be able to slow down, and be in harmony, not only with our surroundings, but within our selves, in our inner selves.

This album was a series of older music that I did. Music that sat around for almost 10 years, before I brought it to cd. I like to think of myself as a later bloomer, or rather, sometimes it takes a while in life, to get to a place where you start growing.

Onitod – Forgiving [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Forgiving, is a track, which is rich in vintage sounds. Starting off with the Roland TR-707, and JD-800, Juno-106, MKS-80 JD-990 and others.

This song is to remember that forgiveness is a huge part of the spiritual journey. Forgiveness is not only to others, but also to yourself. We fail in so many ways, every day, we fail, and fall short of something that we are trying to attain, and we much learn, that to move forward, to be health, and to heal, that we must go and learn the art of forgiving.

Forgiveness is achieved, when feelings are no longer stirred up, when someone’s name comes to our mind, or some place comes to our mind. Healing is achieved, when the emotion is disjoined from the situation or circumstance, that it was held to.

Forgiveness, is a huge part of a peaceful, joyful, and long lived life, and it is especially true to find healing and forgiveness sooner than later. It is best sometimes, to think ourselves foolish, and let go of the pain, or what ever we had suffered.

When forgiveness has been realized, then it is good for us to hope and expect for better things, for more pleasant things, for a good journey forward, and for a life of opportunity and happiness to still be possible.

Onitod – Joyful [ Album: Spiritual Fruit ]

Joyful, is featured on the Album Spiritual Fruit. It is an electronic up-tempo song, that is sure to get you going. It is composed using traditional analog synths.

Featuring a tr-909, juno-106, jd-800, jv-880, mks10, mks50, mks70, mks80, and other beloved analog synths, it uses the original hardware in the recordings. This album was recored through a Soundcraft LX7, and then in DA-88s. It was mastered, and mixed on Logic Pro 8.

The name Joyful, comes from the qualities of the Hoy Spirit, one of which is joyfulness. The titles of all the tracks are fruits of the Spirit, hence the name of the album.

This album features music that was recorded between 1997-2008. It is electronic music, with alterations, and variations. Mostly along the lines of ambient, or new age, with a hint of jazz progressions, or odd sounds.