The Future of Music, features music composed between Nov 2007, and Jan 2008.

Looking for the Sunshine contains music composed between 1997, and 1998.

Analog Movements features music composed between 9/1999, and 5/2000.

Eulogy contains music composed between 8/1998 to 3/2001.

Spiritual Fruit features music composed between 9/1997, and 12/2003.

The next album due out is titled Only With God, which is where Onitod gets its name from, and those songs have been composed between 3/2009-6/2009, with the majority being composed in June.

I continue to write music, to this day.

For some newer music, and upcoming albums visit my youtube page, upon which I have listed up many albums of future content, that have not been released yet, along with some music which has been released posted as well.


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