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Spoken Prayer // Happy is the one

Happy is the one, is a short theme to remind all about the things that truly make us happy. I know that I need to be reminded from time to time that happiness is not the possessions and worldly things that I see, but it is much more, much greater things cause you the greater joy, and those things can be obtained for free. They are the luscious and non-tangible things of the world, which are free to partake and free to enjoy. The true gifts of gratitude, or joy, or happiness, they can be received from what is all around us. Whether we are in a place alone, or are in a place with plenty, the great true things which fulfill our greatest desires are freely available, if we choose that those things should satisfy us. This is the greatest understanding that we choose, knowingly or not, that which will make us happy, it is we who ultimately decide how we will be affected by that which runs about us, and wether it will deter us, or be another step along the journey which passes, and we pass from. My good friend always likes to remember this phrase: “It came – to pass”. That is the things in life, that are not going well, they came, so that they could pass. And now it is time to believe that they will pass, and you will move on. I pray many blessings of God over you, that whatever you may be dealing with, you shall see light at the end of your tunnel, and you shall live soon to see the day that it too shall pass, and you shall move onwards.

Spoken Prayer // When is ready?

This one hits home. How many in times in your life, especially when you were younger did someone, an adult, tell you – you are not ready. Then you grow up, and still, no matter what you do, no matter how much you accomplish or do, you still feel.. not ready. This is my prayer for you, when you feel not ready, when you feel that ready will never be. When you are so frustrated and so upset, that you are at that point, where you are about to give up, and then I say.. don’t give up. You are not alone, and you need not be too sad. There is a place to go to, and become lifted up, and to let go all that was from your past, and to press on, anew. Be then renewed with these new words, and be empowered with these new thoughts, and then go peacefully renewed on your path. Many blessings from God to you, no matter where you are in life, take great care, and be at peace.

Spoken Prayer // I am Now

New youtube series, launching Spoken Prayer. After many years of starting and working on Spoken Hope, I found that I kept being drawn back to the prayers that would be written. Now feeling a desire to share these prayers I present Spoken Prayer.

With the feelings of needing to live in the now to stop making regrets, so that one can focus on the moment at hand, I have written “I am now” as a reminder to live in the moment, that is to thinking with clarity and focus and intention in the moment. It is not a call to live carelessly, but yet the opposite, to stop living carelessly. It is not a token to excuse undirected passion, or spur on immature behavior, but rather a call, a reminder, to just think about now, the moment. To truly ask are the actions, behaviors, thoughts, and choices I am making now, are they my true honest self? Am I acting out of selfishness, or am I lying to myself, and trying to grab at something that is illusive?

In the pursuit of trying to get in touch with one’s feelings and to describe with all certainty what in fact is true and honest, and really taking the time to evaluate one’s life, it is good, I have found to have reminders, amongst the busiest of days, that even when life does not go the way you plan, how true, that you can yield to a greater plan that is not yet understood, but its existence can be known to you now. Many blessings from God to you on your journey, where ever you are in life.