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This is an EDM album, with soft mellow themes, featuring songs between 76-80bpm. The Roland Juno-106 is heavily featured, along with the Arturia Mini V.

Onitod – The Lord Draws Me to Himself [ Album: Heart of Prayer ]

The Lord Draws Me to Himself, is an instrumental song, full and rich with warm analog sounds, featuring a Roland TR-909, Juno 106, JV-880, Mini V, and other assorted beautiful vintage instruments.

This rich and slow song is made for soul-soaking meditation. It is to sit and relax, with the warm analog sounds. The whole album is a paced continuously so that you can listen to it over and over again, and extend your meditation time as necessary.

The track helps you to relax from a stressful day, and melt away into a presence of warm and soothing sounds, which will lift you out and away from what you currently face, so you can spend some soul-soaking time learning, pondering, and thinking about what it is you need to do, or how to deal with those things in your life that are going on.

This track was a reminder to me, that the Lord is the one who starts the communication. It is not myself, who is the initiator, but the Lord, who starts. He loved us first. He communicates with us first. He is the one who begins. We enter in, to his courts of praise, as we have already been invited to enter. The desire to realize that we have already been invited, is enough for us to know we are to accept the invitation, and enter.

We get too caught up, on should I this, or should I that. We wind up in paralysis. We can’t move at all. We can not even decide on the simplest things. Therefore, we must change our thinking, if we are to move forward in a new way. Our old thoughts no longer empower us, they betray us, and therefore, we have no other option, than to abandon that which only causes us pain and strife, and move to new beliefs, and new ideas that will move us past, and suit us well for our journey.

A time of deep meditation or relaxation is sometimes needed, to free ourselves from the hardened beliefs we have, to step back for a moment, and then realize that we need to change who we are. In our minds, we had not seen the way we have become, and now the two differ, so we must rebase ourselves, and find out what is different, and clean out the weeds from our garden if you will.

Having a place to let go, and find what is truly in our hearts, is a must in a series of steps to begin a process of transformation. This series of steps if in your mind you believe you will find much encouragement, then in fact, you will see much help, guidance, and encouragement along the way. As much as you have hoped for, you will find that exact measure, possibly a little bit more.

Let this track distract you from the clutches of worry, panic, fear, and doubt, as you give your thoughts over to a higher power of intelligence, and draw from the living waters of revival, and see things in a new and enlightened way, and you will be more refreshed to deal with that which is before you. Be well, and take care my friend.

I have put together some preview tracks. I am about to publish 16 albums, from content that was created between 1997-2014. For the next batch of music tracks, they will feature PREVIEW on the splash screen, and so that means that this track, is one song of an album-in-progress. The track may or may not be in its final mastered form. During this preview promotion, you will get to hear a good many different styles that I produced over the years, and will get a feeling for what is coming down the pipe. All the songs are copyrighted their original content year, and the albums will be formally published in 2015. Once published I will update links on the videos to the iTunes and Amazon, and other places that they music will be available. If you would like to use the music for commercial purposes, you can contact me, and we can talk about your needs and find something that works.