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Udemy – How to Act Like a Child of God

Wanted to share, I have been working on a course that deals with how to feel closer to God, and how to get to a place where you feel more connected to God. I have a promo code for it, please use the promo code DFW51 to get the course for $5.

How to Act Like A Child of God

How to Act Like A Child of God

If the promo codes are used up, feel free to comment on this post, and I’ll make some more.

Udemy – Modulating Drums and Synths with Ableton Live (Full Version)

This video is a promotion for a Udemy Course. In this course I go in depth about creating a EDM track from scratch. This is a how to course, for everyone who wants to get into EDM, and electronic music, this shows you the real capabilities of how to get a great professional track, quickly and efficiently. The methods in the course are fast and simple to implements, and I go step by step so that you can see everything I do.

I start with a drum track, and then add a synth bass line, and then I go and modulate the synthesizer and effects. This track is taken to completion with multiple methods of variation, I teach you step by step how to assemble the entire track.

Check out the udemy course here:

I also have a longer promotional video which is -full-video- which includes a sneak peak of a course that will be available soon

Udemy Promo Video Synth And Drums

This video is a promotion for a Udemy Course. In this course I go in depth about creating a EDM track from scratch.

I start with a drum track, and then add a synth bass line, and then I go and modulate the synthesizer and effects. This track is taken to completion with multiple methods of variation, I teach you step by step how to assemble the entire track.

Check out the udemy course here:

I also have a longer promotional video which is -full-video- which includes a sneak peak of a course that will be available soon.

Youtube promo:

Udemy course:

Modulating Drums and Synths with Ableton Live

Udemy – Arranging with Ableton Live.

This is a promo video for my Arranging with Ableton Live 9 Udemy course.

In my course Professional arranging techniques for Ableton Live, I teach a method of arranging, that is useful for many compositions and songs. It is based on classical music genre. I teach you about this method, and then how to apply it to your own compositions.

The promo video is available here:

Beginning With Ableton Live 9

In this course for Ableton Live 9, and Ableton Live Lite 9, you will learn how to navigate and manage your workflow from a preset arrangement to the final steps of export. I will go over how to do the basics tasks, and walk you through the skills you need to know, to take your song/arrangement to the final steps.

This course is designed for beginners, however it is useful for any experience level. You will learn about organization, and I will share with you my tips from using Live, after producing over 300 songs with the program.

I make short lessons to follow along, so if you only have a little amount of time, you can take a lesson here and there. I make things to the point, quick and simple.

My goal is to help you learn in a easy and direct route, to cut your learning curve, and get you up and running with Ableton Live as efficiently as possible.

You will learn all the basics, all the main pieces. My lessons are what I teach, so if you miss something, it will be easy for you to find the lesson, and watch it again.

I want you to be comfortable with using Ableton, so I have spent the time to go over in this course, exactly what you need to know, and in the order that you need to go in, so that you can fix the song/arrangement incrementally.

I give you lots of tips and tricks, that are in almost every lesson, with all the experience that I have accumulated now ready for your consumption. Take advantage of my 20+ years of music industry experience, along with vast knowledge of sequencing, arranging, compositions, and my easy style of teaching.

I had a lot of fun making this course, and I hope that you enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed making it. Also please leave your feedback and comments, as I treasure that and greatly appreciate how this course was able to help improve your skills and abilities.

Introduction to Ableton Live

Constant Illusion

I had a dream between 2005-2006, and it was the last vision, that I really had for a long time thereafter. I had fallen asleep on the floor of the front room, and had this vision.

For years I wondered what to do about it, and finally, just recently I have composed it in a short video.

This video is about how we take things for granted. We live in an age where we just assume that nothing will change, and that everything is constant.

Constants are the illusion. they provide us a false sense of security, and certainty. This is most true, as we live our lives on a personal level, we do not expect people to die, even though death is inevitable. We expect our friends to be the same, or to be married for ever. We convince ourselves, by affirmations or saying 4ever, or writing on a tree or cement, that it is certain, it is constant.

Yet we do not even know our next breath, or what will happen tomorrow. How much more can we assume to know?

In this video I talk about constants, and if we can not find security and certainty in them, then where can we find that?

Watch the video to find out. Also please leave a comment, like and subscribe if you find a benefit. Also feel free to share. If you’d like me to cover other topics, please comment, and I’ll see about adding that to my queue. Be well my friend, and take care.

iPhone Backup and Restore Help!

I wanted to share this with anyone who is frustrated and runs into the problem that I had.

My scenario was that I had an iPhone 5, that the screen bubbled up, and the phone was failing to function properly. I contacted the warranty support group, and received a new phone.

I backed up my iPhone with iTunes, and had a complete backup on my computer. Then I plugged in the new phone, and things did not work.

It started because the phone I had was upgraded to iOS 8.4, and the new iPhone came with iOS 7.x, so it could not restore.

I had to setup the new iPhone as a new device on iTunes, and then I had to upgrade it to iOS 8.x. Once it was upgraded I started a restore but to my frustration, it did not restore anything from my previous phone. In fact when I clicked restore, iTunes told me it would only take a few seconds to restore. I knew that was not correct, since I was expecting iTunes to restore 55GB of data, and that should take longer than 5 seconds.

In this video, I show you exactly what buttons to click and where to look. At the end of the video, you will be able to restore your entire phone, as a COPY, with EVERYTHING intact, as it was.

Mind you, that when you do the full restore, you will have to reenter the passwords for all email accounts, and you will have to enter info for websites or apps that require usernames and passwords, but how the home screen looks, all the apps you have installed, and how everything is arranged will come back 100%.

I read many articles that said this was not possible, and I am here to say that if you follow this video, you will see how you can have the same results that I had, as I ran across this problem on my own. The video is 10 min, and I take the time to explain this, the cause, and the resolution.

Watch the video, and get the tips and tricks you need to go and restore your iPhone, and hopefully, I will save you the 3+ hours of frustration, plus the lost day and a 1/2 that I spent trying to just transfer the contents of my phone, to the new phone.

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Fix your PS3 YLOD

How to fix your PS3 YLOD (Yellow Light of Death). Fix a PS3 that overheated. Fix a PS3 that turns off, as soon as you turn it on.

I had an older PS3 (Playstation 3), the 60G one that plays PS2 (Playstation 2) games ( it is backwards compatible ). I had left it out next to a fireplace, and one morning when I woke up to play it, it stopped working. I experienced the YLOD.

It sat for a year, before I discovered how to fix the unit. First off, if you buy a unit, check your warranty. If you have a warranty use that first. My warranty ran out, and so I decided to try and fix it myself.

While I was researching the internet I tried a few suggestions, and some of them met with minimal success, but I still did not understand why it broke in the first place, and what I was really fixing.

In this video, I explain what actually happens, and how you may be able to fix your unit as well. I assume that this would work for any of the thick units. Those are the ones that are black, look like the pictures, and have a slot for an SD Card, and Compact Flash flip open cover, on the left top front.

I felt that this information was worth sharing, not only how to fix it, but why it broke in the first place. The technique that I use in the video, I explain exactly what to do, however if you look in the comments, I explain that you may need to repeat the technique a few times, if it only works for a short while, or does not work, just try it again.

I had another unit, that stopped working, and I fixed it in a different way. It had different symptoms. If you think your PS3 might suffer from that problem, then write a comment, and I’ll see about getting a video up to show you how to fix that problem.

Branson, Missouri – Water and light show with gas power!

If you ever head up to Branson, Missouri, you want to check out this show. It is located downtown right at the river. This show featured a music on a PA, and a timed synchronization of lights, water pistons, and towers of gas, that move and change with the music. It is quite a fun time, that makes going downtown at night a must for visitors.

This clip is brief, at only 1m 8s. I hope you get the feel for the show. If you are standing where the swing is crossing over the river, walk to the left, and you will quickly come to the water fountains with the tall towers.

Above each tower, is a gas furnace, that lights up light a touch. It is fascinating to watch, and fun for the whole family.

While I was there, a steamboat, or a riverboat, stopped in the river, to watch the show as well.

I believe the show was going on around 8:00pm, shortly after dusk. I believe the city runs the show, so you may want to go and look at the city calendar to find out more details. While I was there, there were a couple hundred people around the whole area, though right by the water fountain, it was not very crowded.