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Ranging from 78-170bpm, the Subsitution Album is packed full of anthems, chill, ambient, dnb, EDM, and other styles, that are perfect for relaxing, pondering, and letting go. This is an instrumental album. The name Substitution was taken from Jesus Christ taking the place for our sin, hence He was the substitution for our sacrifice.

Onitod – Rebuilding Hope [ Album: Substitution ]

Rebuilding Hope, is an uplifting Drum and Bass (DnB) styled track, that is all about hope.  The track is slow-paced at first, and then ramps up to the DnB familiar style. It is meant to rise up your spirit as you listen to the track.

The name, comes from a time in my life, where my hope was in fact, not very existent, and I was sad, and slightly depressed, I felt about the experiences in life I had gone through, and then decided to take all of that pain, and sadness and put it into a song about hope, to life my own spirit up. The result, is that when I listen to this song, my hope jumps high in my soul, and I have revived, and taken to a beautiful place, where my thoughts are traded from defeat to victory. Where my mind is focused from depression to hope, abundance, and gratefulness.

May you be filled with peace and hope, and take a step back in your life, as you listen to this track, and become relaxed by its tones of gladness, praise, hope, well-being, and luscious spirit of victory.

When you feel defeated in life, and you need your hope to be rebuilt, then I offer you hope, that your hope can be rebuilt. If you take a moment to relook at your life, and believe that you can be restored and rectified, then you will find the hope, and the way, the path, that will lead to restoration.

I have put together some preview tracks. I am about to publish 16 albums, from content that was created between 1997-2014. For the next batch of music tracks, they will feature PREVIEW on the splash screen, and so that means that this track, is one song of an album-in-progress. The track may or may not be in its final mastered form. During this preview promotion, you will get to hear a good many different styles that I produced over the years, and will get a feeling for what is coming down the pipe. All the songs are copyrighted their original content year, and the albums will be formally published in 2015. Once published I will update links on the videos to the iTunes and Amazon, and other places that they music will be available. If you would like to use the music for commercial purposes, you can contact me, and we can talk about your needs and find something that works.