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Onitod – Seek My Face [ Album: Follow After Me ]

Seek My Face, is an ethereal track, that is based on the music principle of a single note, forming a chord, and going back to a single note.

I had done a lot with drum programming, and needed a change of pace, and so I decided to write an album, with no drum tracks. The songs have tempos, and the arpeggios are synced to the tempo, but there is no percussion.

The entire album is setup so that it can be listened to continuously without interruption, that tracks flow from one to the next, so that deep meditation, and extreme relaxation is possible, and to get lost in the moment is key.

The title comes from seeking after Jesus Christ, the son of God. The one true son, of the one true God. Seek My Face, is a call to action, and a reminder to seek the face of Jesus, to seek communion with Him, which is available to everyone who believes, through the Holy Spirit. It is a free gift of communion. The one true God, is the only God, who seeks communion with His people. No other religion, except that based on the Bible, tells of a way to commune with God directly, in a personal and intimate relationship. Seek My Face, is to draw your attention, to the face, an intimate personal place, that is special. It is a way to convey a deep spiritual connection, to the one true Living God.

My hope, is that you seek to pursue, and answer the call of the one true God, who is calling to you. Seek His Face, as you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and as you further accept the Holy Spirit to dwell within you, you will live a new life, one that you only could have imagined before. Be well my friend, and take care.

I have put together some preview tracks. I am about to publish 16 albums, from content that was created between 1997-2014. For the next batch of music tracks, they will feature PREVIEW on the splash screen, and so that means that this track, is one song of an album-in-progress. The track may or may not be in its final mastered form. During this preview promotion, you will get to hear a good many different styles that I produced over the years, and will get a feeling for what is coming down the pipe. All the songs are copyrighted their original content year, and the albums will be formally published in 2015. Once published I will update links on the videos to the iTunes and Amazon, and other places that they music will be available. If you would like to use the music for commercial purposes, you can contact me, and we can talk about your needs and find something that works.