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Musical Journey:

I began writing/composing and arranging in 1992. I started to make record quality recordings in 1997/1998. Between 1997 and 2007, I composed 800 songs, and recorded about 300 of them, and tracked 150 of them on Tascam Da-88s. In 2007 I switched from hardware to software recording, eventually using Logic Pro Studio, on a Mac. I also founded Rose Paris, as a Music Publishing, and record label, and started to work on assembling albums and songs, and remastering tracks that I had created since 1997.


Onitod uses layered sounds, from synths, along with guitar bass a drums. The layered sounds are custom patches, and not samples. Onitod uses real analog and digital keyboards, from Roland, Korg, Emu, Novation, Kawai, Oberheim, Siel and others. The sound of Onitod’s music is different because of the raw, and from scratch methods used to create the album. This is not a cd that was done using Reason, or Reaktor, or some other software platform. The individual keyboards and sound modules were sequenced with midi, and recorded into the computer one by one. The analog preamps on most of the songs where run through a Soundcraft GB mic preamp. This allows great sonic quality, and creates a warmly blended mix of beautiful synth sounds, and soundscapes. Onitod focuses on inspirational, instrumental,
ambient, techno, house, progressive, jazz, and industrial music.


Onitod has been writing music since 1992, and albums released since 2007. During the years 1998-2008 Onitod sequenced 800 songs, and recorded well over 300 of them.

Onitod writes in multiple styles of music, ranging parts of many different genre, sometimes at once. Many of the pieces are arranged in AB, ABAB or ABCD formats. Though many of the songs are heavier on the electronic, there are jazz based, and orchestral works, live guitar, bass, drums, and keys. The songs featured on this channel were largely recorded from 1998 till present. All the works are copyrighted, except where mentioned in the title as Copy-Pending, or Unreleased.

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/onitodmusic

In this channel, Onitod will be releasing songs, and an exclusive and official look into the struggle and persistence of an Artist. Every week, there will be a new video released. Every other week a special video about the journey of the Artist will be released.

Lessons to be learned about faith, hope, persistence, pressing on, when to give up, when to keep looking, how to incorporate what’s going on with your music, and how to feed and thrive in difficult times. How to connect spiritually with music, and how to get past many of the places an artist can get stuck.

My hope is to help you grow as an artist, and to apply what I have learned over the last 20 years to your life, so that you can spend more time creating, and less time stuck and hung up. I feel blessed to be able to share to much, and I feel that it is my duty to share with everyone who desires to know, to open new doors, and to take the walls out of your mind, and transform your thinking, so that you can see past what is, and see beyond what you have known all along.

My techniques and methods can be applied to many areas of life, and are vastly more productive than medication, and intensive therapy. Dealing with problems have untold benefits, and facing and handling your emotions can lead to rich rewards beyond your imagination.

Thanks for watching, and I hope you will be inspired.

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