Udemy – Introduction to Ableton Live

I recently became an instructor on Udemy. One of the first three courses that I made was an Introduction to Ableton Live.

This course covers Ableton Live 9, and Ableton Live Lite.

This is a brief course, that just gets to the point, and talks about the basics of Ableton. I look at how to get around, and how to take a project from a basic arrangement to exporting the mix.

If you would like to become an instructor, you can go to the Udemy site. My course is available here: Introduction to Ableton Live

If you’d like help on creating your own course, I have a series of videos on Youtube, that I post on this site, which help go through the process and change that I had to go through to be ready to do it. If you need technical help, feel free to comment or reach me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ltlasgo )

Enjoy the promo, and more is on the way.


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